AGLOCO - Earn online and buy your own Zune!

Sorry for the intrusion of this post which is in no way Zune-related. I just found out this site, AGLOCO,

It the first Internet based economic network, which enables members to ‘Get your share of the internet.’ Advertisers, search companies, online merchants and other businesses will pay AGLOCO, and AGLOCO in turn will pay us web surfers, just by surfing the web!

Once you install the Viewbar software it automatically records the time you're actively online, and AGLOCO will pay you for it. But the first step is to sign up and become a member. It wouldn't hurt to try right? :)

Then after you earn just enough money, you may want to buy a Zune for yourself and maybe another one for your friend or family to take advantage of the Wifi. :)

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