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Techolo (stands for Technology Outlook) talks about current technology trends, gadgets, news, reviews and other cool stuff. We don't just reblog anything and anything about tech that has been published almost everywhere. Though at times we publish common news for its technology relevance, we put more priority and value to real content, news and reviews.

Techolo started as ZunePhilippines.com on 2006 as I got my Zune on the month of its release in the USA. Since then I have blogged about Zunes and Microsoft products until there was a need to expand thus the name change to Techolo. This blog has upgraded (and spun-off) itself from Zune Philippines to cater to more topics, news and gadgets. From Zune's to iPads, Androids to WebOS’s, Facebook to Chatroullete, and many more.

This blog is being moderated by Roman. Gadget and technology enthusiast slash Graphic Designer. I'm PC person who appreciates the aesthetics of Macs, "openness" of Androids and the familiarity of a PC.

I also moderate a design blog over at One Design Philippines.

For product reviews, sponsorships, or anything. Feel free to send me an e-mail at techoloph@gmail.com



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What is Techolo?

Techolo (or Technology Outlook at that) is not your ordinary tech blog. We curate our posts to bring you unique content on current technology trends, gadgets, news, reviews and other geek pop culture stuff - and of course the occasional sponsored posts :) I hope you won't mind.

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