Sunday, February 25, 2007 - Mobile Magazines and Videos for your Zune

Desperately seeking some content for your beloved Zune?... is a site offering various downloads for portable media players like Sony PSP, Microsoft Zune, Video iPod, Zen Vision M, Zen Vision W, iRiver CliX , Sony Mylo and Archos 604.

The site has content ranging from comics, movie trailers, game trailers, sports videos, mobile magazines (optimized to fit each player's screen) and many more coming soon as their site says.

Most of the magazines listed cater to men audiences with FHM and Maxim and Stuff included in their free downloads. I hope they add PC Mag, PC World, Wired Magazine, or even Popular Science :)

With all the available downloadable contents, I only find the movie trailers useful for my Zune, since I don't see myself reading a magazine on my Zune screen anyway. (the magazine features only the main article, not the whole magazine.)

Go and see the site and find what interests you ;)

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