Zune's future on Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has just announced their Microsoft Surface, a table computer that has multi-touch sensors enabling users to move and stretch images and data on the table. Its like a tablet PC, just 6 times bigger. The "surface" can detect object placed on top of it like camera devices which have WIFI and also the Zune which also has wireless features.

The demo video on the Surface site (not the pic above) shows a girl sorting out albums (or maybe pictures) into her Zune by just dragging the virtual image on to the circular perimeter of the Zune device. What a nice use of the wireless feature but don't get your hopes too high yet, this is just the start and MS plans to roll this to commercial companies like casinos and retails stores no news yet to sell these to consumers.

Hope it won't become vaporware.

Long, of www.istartedsomething.com, found some interesting hidden data as to what he say's may be a hint on the 2nd Gen Zune.

But the most interesting are the sample “press releases”. November 14 seems to be a date of significance, but if you read the third release, “Microsoft’s New Milan Media Player on Store Shelves on Nov 14″, it becomes fascinating. Milan being the codename for “Surface”, it would be not far-fetched to assume a “Milan Media Player” is a portable media device which has multi-touch capabilities, which brings me to the Zune. The Zune, which is now due for a second revision pops to my mind. And out of pure coincidence, November 14 is also the date of the Zune launch in 2006. Announcing a multi-touch 2nd generation Zune on the first anniversary sounds like a good pretty good plan to me.

Link: http://www.istartedsomething.com/20070530/microsoft-surface-wallpaper-hint-touch-zune/



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  1. honestly, i still can't figure out that table top pc of microsoft.. i haven't read the article above, but i always see that thing anywhere in the net.

    BTW,i am here to reveal bout the zune firmware v1.4... wahahaha... nakakagulat lan meron n agad after that march release of 1.3... pero not much to expect... just a fix on the music random function..

  2. well, i just can't get this firmware update.. this f*ckin' error occurs:

    1) TypeError: 'strIDS_OOBE_STATUS_NO_UPDATES_FOUND' is undefine [Hint] OnDeviceConnect

    what should i do???

  3. thanks feisthunter for the tip!!! i was actually late in fiding out about v1.4!

    Where does that error come from or when does it pop up?

    Mine updated just fine..

  4. NICEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

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