Seinfeld loves Windows Vista

Microsoft hired comedian Jerry Seinfeld to be the face of their new marketing campaign for Windows Vista. The ad will presumably star Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates together in an ad ( I thought Bill retired?) with the them “Windows, not Walls”
The picture on top seems to disagree with the typical Windows and PC user “look”. Seinfeld can be categorized as a Mac user, proof of it might be the mac on his sitcom apartment room (which honestly, I never saw it on even once). In this picture, George Costanza could be very well be the personification of the PC user.

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

Personally, I think this is a bold step for Microsoft to be hiring a famous comedian and writer. Everybody seems to love Seinfeld. His wit and humor are the stuff that people can easily relate to because it really happens in real life!

I like this idea to work because for me, Vista isn’t really all that bad. The negative press that it got was well…justified at that time, but after the release of SP1, most of what made Vista fail (poor drivers and incompatibility issues) were already fixed. One interesting campaign for explaining Vista’s “poor image” can be seen in the Mojave Experiment.

I’m using Windows XP right now, on my next reformat, I will move to Vista.

Goodluck Jerry! (you’re now $10 million richer!)

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