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“The Zune hasn’t lost the slate-like design that Microsoft has been rolling with since its inception, but it certainly has changed over the years. Screen size grows to a heady 3.2 inches on this model (much larger than the 2.5-inch screen Apple offers on it comparable iPod Classic), and only back in the fall, Microsoft ditched the rather overdone glossy black styling for a matte version that we much prefer, though the company would have been wise to carry it from the back over to the front as well.”

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  1. Hi ask ko lang kung saan puwede ma download yung wallpaper na naka install dun sa Zune 120 GB promo pics... yan nasa pic sa post. Mukang maganda kasi nung colour combi

  2. I don't think it's included in the wallpaper pack from I'll keep an eye for it and will post it as soon as I find it.

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