Introducing the ZuneHD

Engadget has some photos of of the supposedly 3rd-gen (or 4th Gen) Zune to be called – Zune HD. They also have some graphics for the new marketing campaign. Head to Engadget for more pics [Read Article]

“What we do know is this: the size of the device is set to come in smaller than the iPod touch (although we believe in size, not in thickness). Capacities should be competitive with that of the iPod touch, and like the touch, it would sport a touchscreen interface. The old click wheel would be replaced with a single-button as the pictures show.” [via Technologizer]

Coincidentally, I made a mock up on this blog on the next-gen zunes nearly 2 years ago. I named the “Zune Touch” as ZuneHD, never really thought it would be considered at all, I might’ve gotten lucky, but it looks way too different than my mockup :)


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  1. This is really exciting. I think MS pulled a fast one on Apple this time. The timing was amazing. It was all quiet from the Zune camp then suddenly they dropped this bomb, amazing.

    I hope that the new chip is using NVIdia's Tegra chip processor. It's totally making sense now. MS will not make their own mobile phone because of their partnership in this space, but PMP, of course! If you haven't seen the video about the Tegra chip, here it is. Be ready to be blown away:

  2. you may be on to something here bro! :) tegra chip does indeed make sense, especially playing 720p HD video. cool..

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