Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Royu 5-Outlet Extension Cord with USB Port

I would just like to share a product I recently purchased at Ace Hardware when I was browsing around the shop. I got this Royu Extension cord with built in 2x USB port. It stood out since I was looking for an extension cord with individual switches and one that is not limited to 3 or 4 outlets. The last time I had an extension cord with a built in USB was the Akari one which didn’t last too long.

Tech specs for reference. Max current of 10A with 2500W of max power.

This is a 5-outlet extension cord which is perfect for my needs. It has universal slot with individual switches. The switches are fine but not better than my Meiji branded one. Build quality is very good and uses durable and high-quality plastic casing.

There are other included items too such as socket adapter, screws for mounting and a cable with micro usb and Apple’s lightning connector. Good bonuses I would say.

For the price of 770 pesos. I think this is a solid buy for me or for you, if ever you’re in the market for extension cords with built-in USB chargers.

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