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ZunePH is a personal blog of Roman, a Zune owner offering a glimpse of his personal Zune experience to local Zune users in the region.

I own a Zune30, the 1st-Gen Zune that was bought by my father from the USA as soon as it was launched on November 2006. I was never an iPod fan even though I owned a second-hand nano before, I just felt that it was too over-rated. Creative's Zen was clearly superior in terms of usefulness and features, but it never took market share from Apple's dominant iPod line. What boosted the iPod franchise was with iTunes, it made buying and listening to music easier.

Since Microsoft started Zune and the Zune Marketplace, it was a worthy challenger to the leading brand device. It offered features that other devices lacked, and backed it up with an online music store of it's own.

This is not a pro-Microsoft blog, and it will never be one. Zune is just one of my many gadgets that I like and this blog will tell you why (or why not)

From time to time, I'll be posting some random tech geek stuff that’s not in any way zune-related. I’ll see to it that it would be worth sharing to all.

thank you readers :)


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  1. ...its good to see other anti ipod people out there who are willing to indulge in the zune

  2. hi do you have an idea when would zune 120 be available in the philippines?

  3. no idea, but people are selling zune120 here right now.

  4. hi i am barely need to buy zune30 charger, how and where?

  5. hello.

    I'll just ask if the Zune is available in the market here in the Philippines, and if so where?

    thank you

  6. people can u pls tell me where can i buy a zune HD here in davao city pls in need....asap tnx

  7. i bought mine on the internet.. try looking at ebay, tipidpc or amazon

  8. do you want to see it before buying it? if not you can buy online and have it shipped to you.

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