RMN News: Wifi = large screen?

Local news and blog sites here in the Philippines have recently been featuring Zune, Most of them have no idea on what a Zune is, what it does, its features and its business model. (only that it's made by Microsoft, and how "we" are suppose to hate Microsoft..hehe!)

One example, is a "tagalized" article on Zune by RMN Networks below. I have provided an English translation.

"Ilan sa mga features ng kauna-unahang model ng Zune MP3 ay ang taglay nitong "built-in wireless connection" na ang ibig sabihin ay mas malapad at mas malinaw ang Pixel ng colored screen nito kumpara sa iPod."

English translation:

"One of the features of the very first release model of Zune is it's built-in wireless connection which means it has a wide and clearer pixel colored screen compared to an iPod."


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