Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wired on Zune

WIRED: "I dragged a key across the Zune's screen, -- pressing pretty hard -- and it didn't leave a scratch. Same goes for other surfaces of the device. Apple should start buying their screen plastic from wherever Microsoft got these."

Wow! That plastic is good. Microsoft really learned from iPod's easily-scratched devices. Most iPod owner's have complained that their unit can't even stand cloth fabric (jeans) on the first day of use. (reason for matte 2nd-Gen nano)

iPod users are then compelled to buy add-ons, skins and accessories to cover up the shiny back and front surface. Goodbye to iPod's aesthetic clean white surface, hello third-party products.

Well, at least with Zune you get to shot off that cool double-shot effect and still leave your screen-scratchless.

Continue reading Wired's hands-on experience on the zune:

Part 1, Part 2
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