Zune $40 Discount at Circuit City

For those looking at a great deal. Circuit City is offering a $40 slash of the total purchase price exceeding $199.

The fine print says "no photocopy or duplication is allowed" but Circuit City cashiers do not agree so..They will just product scan or type the barcode into the system and voila! you get your Zune for $209.99. (Php10,500)

We got a Black Zune after presenting this $40-slash coupon but after including the $18 tax, it amounted to $227.99, not bad since the actual retail price in stores is $249.99 (Php12,500)

For Philippine Buyers...Ask your U.S-based relatives ;) ...or try Amazon. or just wait till 2007. Maybe it'll be available locally..(hopefully)


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  1. i don't have any relatives at the US and afraid to purchase online.... maybe you could help me buy a Zune.....

  2. Hi, maybe you can try www.tipidpc.com, someone is selling a brand new Zune there for Php14,500.

    Here is the link: http://www.tipidpc.com/viewitem.php?iid=670789

    You have to register though to view the item. Thanks. Tell me if it works for you.

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