eBay.ph has some Zune sellers

I recently checked out ebay philippines and saw some zunes that were for sale.

Prices range from 14,700 to 15,000 Pesos. If you're interested and would want to be a Santa to yourself for being a good kid this year, head on to eBay.PH :)

Next year, we should probably see an influx of Zunes from the States coming here in the country. Either coming as second-hand from an unwanted holiday gift or brandnew units (illegaly?) exported by netepreneurs taking advantage of the high-demand.

A lot of people seem to be looking for Zunes locally, some are asking questions online

This blog has also receive numerous inquries on where to buy Zunes locally,

"Are Zunes already sold in SM supermarkets..?"

"Hey, i need Zune as a gift for Christmas, where can i get one in makati area?"

Hope I can have all the answers for you, but I'll try to post and see if any zune selling activity comes online which you guys can purchase locally. Ayt!


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  1. i just bought my zune from this guy i contacted with in the internet and i had a fast transaction with this guy.. i had my zune last dec 23 and i got it for 14,500.. just post a comment if your interested coz i am checking zuneph every now and then.. it became a part of my everyday e-living..

    have a zune-ny new year..

  2. thanks feisthunter!

    It's nice to know, this blog helps some of us Zune users :)

    Thanks also for your information, Did you get that at eBay? what color did you get?

  3. i've got the white zune!! ITS DAMN BEAUTIFUL..

    try to visit tipidpc.com... i checked today and there are 3 active seller of zune.. one sells at 14.4K(this is where i got my zune and he has all the colors available).. another at 14,695..and the other one at 17,000...

    cmon guys.. grab a zune now.. my ipod-lover friends saw my zune and they actually enjoyed despite the lack in features compared to their pmp.

  4. I got my Zune yesterday and I bought it for 10K only (Brown Color). Thanks to KingJose from TPC for selling this beautiful toy. =)

  5. Hey Rasta! Congratulations on your purchase! :) you snuck up a good deal! 10k isn't bad, in fact it's the cheapest price i've heard for a Zune. Enjoy!

  6. hello there!!!i've got my zune the other day came from states...its cool!!!it has a great sound and clear video.i bought it in amazon for $229.99 then sent it to my aunt address in LA then send it to me via usps express mail(4 days)...for $27.00...no tax!!!this is great compare to ipod video...make sure that you have internet when you install this thing...coz it won't work if you don't have.looking forward to share files(wifi!!!!)...cheers!!!

  7. search for ZUNE in TipidPC.com, someone sells sealed Zunes for only 13k! great guy, got my zune from him a few days ago!

    I'm lovin it!

  8. hi!
    wer can i find zune shop here in the phils.??? ...is there any?!
    i just want to have a case for my zune 30gb..

  9. Looking for ZUNE 120GB wall charger. I saw wall chargers on ebay that are compatible with 30GB and 80 GB but not sure that it will work with the 120GB ZUNE. Thannks.

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