Monday, December 25, 2006

Fixing file metatags for Zune

If you'd want to fix and edit your files so it will be easier to find them in your Zune device, check out these freeware tools that allows you edit your music and video metatags.

zMeta is a freeware program (free!) that allows you to modify all Zune-used meta tags of Zunable media.


What you can edit in Audio files:

  • Edit Title, Artist, Album, Year and Genre
  • Arrange play tracks from (1 to something) so that you'll never have problems playing the tracks in correct order, especially in audiobooks
What you can edit in Video files:

  • Sort it, if it's a music video, tv show, movie or video..
  • Add comments, description, genre, author and release date

I also found Mp3tag v2.37a - the universal Tag Editor a good mp3 tag editor. Some users alsosay that TigoTago also does the job! :) try one that fits you, after all they're all free!

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