Zune Firmware 1.2 Released

A new Zune firmware has been released. It only improves the existing features and stabilizes the performance of the Zune. I for one, experience less loading time when viewing my images folder. (the circle dots)

This required update will help enhance stability and performance.

For devices being upgraded from Zune firmware version 1.0, this update includes the enhancements provided in Zune firmware version 1.1.

Pinoy Zune users! Update time! :)


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  1. if i told you, i'd have to kill you...:)

  2. can't update to v1.2 nothing happens if i connect it to my pc, where can i download it?


  3. Hi Brian..first connect your Zune to the USB, the Zune software opens up.

    On the left hand side,you'll see the follwing menus inbox>playlists>library>marketplace>yourzunesname right.

    Right-click your Zune device name and select "Check for Zune device updates"

    That should get you started. Hope it works for you bro!

  4. i got it working now - i'm logged a guest on the zune software that's why i can't update.

    BTW - The HP iPAQ rw6828 charger works on Zune - I can now charge my zune without opening or connecting it to a PC.

  5. wow! really?! That's great...

    I'm using my 3rd party iPod car and AC adapter charger i got from ebay.ph, just utilizing the zune usb cable instead of ipod's

  6. @endlessthirteen

    are you one of those apple fanboys...who don't actually own any apple stuff?

    I bet you're actually using Windows yourself...

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