Zune - iPod Spoof Video

A funny piece of Microsoft internal video shown at a recent company meeting in Seattle.

Just a note: If Microsoft wants to be as good as iPod, or be even better than iPod, they should remove 3plays/3days restriction on music shared via Wifi. And as you do that, could you also throw in DivX codecs in the next Zune update...please? wink! wink!


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  1. good day!! i just want to say that i am damn happy to see ZunePh (even though just now).. I am so happy to see people with same interest as mine with regards to zune.. hopefully i'll have my zune on jan 2 (that's my last chance and i am praying).. hope to hear feedback from you about zune.. what's your experience and how well the device do (compared to negative reviews all over the internet)..

    thnx.. and i hope to be in the social with you soon...

  2. Hi fiesthunter! Welcome to the social! err...the club! :)

    I'm also happy that many people, including me and you, are now realizing that zune isn't all that bad, if you're switching from the current mp3 leader, you won't be disappointed. (If you aren't the owner of a dozen iPod accessories that is)

    The interface is waaayy much better and cooler that iPod and any other mp3 player for that matter. There are still some snides to the 1st Gen Zune but overall the performance of this player (for me) has been rewarding.

    Feel free to post your Zune thoughts here on the blog when you get yours!

  3. i was trying to look for a cheap a/v cable for my zune and look what i've found ---


    just interchange the video(yellow) and right(red) of standard a/v cable of your digital camera or camcorder.

    I tried it using the a/v cable of my sony dsc m2 digital camera and it really works.....

  4. yes! it's microsoft's(even apple's) way to force us to buy their so-called proprietary cables...


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