Zune Marketplace offers OPM Albums

Tried searching for famous OPM Songs and was surprised that Zune Marketplace has OPM Songs ready for download. Artists from Gary V., Lea Salonga, Jamie Rivera and Mixed collections were also there. Nice! Just like Amazon's...

I've been enjoying my Zune for a while and trying out the Zune Marketplace using the bundled free 14-day Zune Pass. The Zune Pass allows me to download as many songs as I would like, sync it to my Zune and play it...but only for 14-days...after that, the Zune and the Zune Software stops playing it and pops up a message saying you must pay a monthly fee to continually access and be able to play your downloaded songs.

What you're actually doing is renting the songs and paying a monthly subscription fee to continually play these songs. You cannot rip and burn in to CD, If you'd want to do that, then you'd have to pay $.99 cents to obtain a licensed non-protected .wma file.

So far, I was able to downloaded, for a day, a whopping 200Mb of music from Zune Marketplace. The download transfers are quick and the navigation is pretty friendly and intuitive.

Here are other Zune shots

I've already removed the protective cover..ehehe..

Sensya na pasmado eh..

"Hello from Seattle", and Assemble in China as opposed to Apple's "Designed in California" and Made in China packaging.

I'f I have the time, I will post my rants and raves on the Zune. But I do have to say honestly that some aspects of Zune device really suck. Will outline those on my next post. (hopefully)


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  1. hi Roman....Greetings, im just curious how you manage to apply for the ZUne Pass. Especially that our country is not even in the combo list..its only Canada and US...i really want to buy some stuffs from the Marketplace..can you pls. share or tell me how to do it...i will greatly appreciate it...Thanks alot...Cheers!!


  2. Hi Chris! The free 14-day zune pass from the 1st gen zune worked for me.

    Just set your profile/ Microsoft Live account to an address in the US.

    YOu can buy Microsoft Points (which can be use for Xbox too) via Zune.net, you would need to have a credit card for that. Some people are selling MS points on eBay

    For more information on Microsoft Points, try reading this link and the Microsoft Points website

  3. Thanks Rom, will try this one...

    Keep this site rockin...

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