Zune seeks local radio stations supporting RBDS

One good feature of the Zune is that it has a built-in FM radio and another thig even more cooler is that it supports Radio Broadcast Data Standards (RBDS). If the radio station support the RBDS, the Zune can display the name of the radio and the music information.

I was outside earlier and had nothing to do so I tested the radio function to see if the reception was good enough...While scanning different stations, I stumbled upon frequency 92.3 which is Joey 92.3 and noticed a small text below the frequency id. It said "Soft R&B", I tried to move around the earphone wires (by the way, the zune uses the headphone wires signal receptors/enhancers) and then another text displayed itself saying that it's Joey 92.3 and the station's slogan. Cool eh?

I tried scanning again to see if other local stations also beams out station information and found out that 106.7 Dream FM also supports RBDS, which in their frequency only displays "DreamFM" twice.

Only 2 radio stations in the whole Philippines support RBDS! bummer...

I hope local stations support RBDS in the near future since I've heard that in the States, local stations even emit the Song Title, Artist and Genre of what's currently playing on-air...That would be nifty if it was applied here too!

What do you think about RBDS? Do we really need it here locally right now?

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