Zune Wallpapers

Here are some Zune wallpapers you can use, including a couple of ZunePH ones. The images are 240x320, the exact resolution of the Zune30 only (for Zune80/120, check this link).

Top: Left to Right  (Right click and "save target as" )
Wallpaper 1, Wallpaper 2, Wallpaper 3
Bottom: Left to Right (Right click and "save target as" )
Wallpaper 4, Wallpaper 5, Wallpaper 6

UPDATE! For the newer wallpapers compatible with Zune30 and Zune80/120, check out the Wallpaper Section, thanks!


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  1. i have my white zune!!!

  2. i need some help on home i will do with the video to appear as music video or movie.. coz all are seen only at all videos.. thnx...

    could i use ipod ac charger for my zune.. i will buy i it would apply... thnx

  3. yes, you could use the ipod ac charger for your Zune..

    I have an iPod charger like this:



    Just replace the USB cable, use the Zune cable instead.

  4. I have a site with a devoted page for wallpapers, I was hoping to use these there. I wouldn't charge for them, it's all completely free.

    Hope you could check it out.


  5. Hi Garrett, Sure you can use these. I would appreciate if you can link back here though :) thanks!

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