ZunePh unboxes Zune (box)

Zune Box Front

Zune Box Back

Zune Box Bottom Blah blahs

A Zune ready to see the light of day..

Welcome to the Social daw...


Earphones are magnetic so they stick together (see R and L) it's also a fingerprint magnet.

Included Zune Pouch that can also be used as a unit cleaner.

Zune-to-USB connector ( smaller than iPod's)

Box Back Flap/Compartment for manuals and CD's

Zune Pass? Masubukan nga to...

Direct-to-the-point Manual

Zune Software CD


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  1. anyone selling zune?? i need one badly for a gift :) call me at 3962112

  2. me too anyone selling???? any relatives from US coming home this Christmas pabili naman kami....

  3. me too anyone selling? or anybody has a family/friend in the US pabili naman kami o pasama naman...

  4. Hmm..I see so many people want zunes for themselves or as gifts! :)

    Please see my previous posts..someone is selling a brand new Zune at Tipidpc

  5. the one at tipidpc is already sold..... anyway im getting my Zune this weekend.... yahooooo!!!! and will sell my Creative Zen Vision:M today.......

  6. Wow! Congratulations!! :)

    By the way, how were you able to get one?

  7. Sold my Creative Zen Vision:M yesterday now waiting for Zune on Dec 9..... I've ask my high-school classmate to get it for me and he has a friend coming to the Philippines this weekend that's how i did it....

    I did my research also on VISTA and Zune... I've been running VISTA and Zune software will not work on VISTA and found a useful link at modaco....


    Brian aka Levine of TPC and Neo-zach of Modaco/Airfagev sites

  8. Thanks Brian!

    Since the release of Zune, tjhere have vbeen numerous hacks that have been released.

    Like bypassing the 3plays/3days limit, Zune software converting DivX and Xvid, and the coolest,

    Using Zune as your harddrive:


  9. At last!!!! Just go a hold of my new BROWN Zune --- COOL!!!



  10. Congratulations on your way cool brown Zune Brian! Looks good! :)

    Nice Shot! Can I use your pic on future entries here at ZunePH?

  11. ok you can use it --- will add more pics later.....


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