Cheap iPod/Zune Charger at Cd-R King

I have some 2 extra Zune Sync Cables arriving by the end of the year. If you want to be alerted, kindly leave a comment below. No reservations. Thanks

If you are always on the road and charging via usb cable to your PC is nearly impossible (unless you have a laptop with you, in which case you wouldn't actually need a portable player anymore since you can use your lappy to listen to mp3, or watch movies on-the-go) or you spend your time on the road too long and would appreciate if you could use your lighter socket as a charger in away...

Then you can try Cd-R King's iPod Kit Travel Charger and Data Cable. It's actually for iPods but I believe it will also work on the Zune, because both device use the same voltage.

INPUT: AC100V-240V 50Hz 130mA
OUTPUT: DC5.0V+/-5% . 500mA+/-50mA
Just replace the USB connector with your Zune's cable and your ready to power up!

For only 180 Pesos, I'd say it's a good deal. To be sure, bring your zune80 or 120 in-store to test the item before buying, they let you do that anyways.

(Disclaimer: I found out in eBay US that they are selling a black version of this one, looks exactly like this one for the Zune, they market it as a generic charger...therefore I concluded that it also works on Zune. However, try at your own risk, i don't endorse this product in any way, just would like to point out an alternative. Tell us if it works!)

Fellow zunester Don, tried this out and it works for the Zune! :)


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  1. Hi Rom, I've been looking for this since i've read your blog, i've tried looking at CDR-King SM Manila, Megamall and Robinsons Malate but they're out of stock. Yesterday I saw one at Compex Megamall, the brand is i-Power and i bought 1 for P350, higher than CDR-king's price, but I'm glad the adapter and the car charger worked, however the retractble cable does not fit in our Zune coz this is designed for Ipod. Anyways, for P350, it's a good buy, so get yours now Zune owners!

    - Don

  2. Hi Don! It's good that it DOES work on the Zune. Yes, the cable's for the iPods, you can use your Zune USB cable as replacement. (you already knew that anyway..:) hehe! )

    Thanks for leaving a mesage and comfirming that it works! For other users wanting to buy one.. Nice! Enjoy!

  3. Hey guys, i just wanted to share this to you, if you're interested in hooking up your Zune into your home stereo and TV, no need to buy the Zune A/V kit accesories, I bought a cable from Handyman Gateway for P109 only, the cable has 3.5mm connector for the zune and 3 RCA connector (Red, Yellow & White) at the other side to connect it to your TV and Stereo. I tried it and it worked! Cool! Go get yours now! =)

  4. Hi Rasta! Cool! You've found a cheaper alternative! I've been looking also for a cheaper one eversince and haven't had the time or know-how on wheer to look first.. Thanks! I'll check it out! and add it in the blog for informaton purposes also.

  5. Hey. My Zune's USB cable's not working. it's not recognized by my pc . i think it has malfunctioned, according to my pc. do you know any cable that can replace it?

  6. Try to message him, he's selling a zune USB cable for 1,000

    - SUN 0923 524 2526
    - SMART 0929 581 1030
    - GLOBE 0917 405 3243

  7. will this work for zune 80?

  8. yup, this will work too on the zune80, the car charger and wall charger only, not the cable since it's for ipods

  9. thanks..

  10. Ah ok thanks! Will this work for zune 120?

  11. I keep getting a power surge warning on my usb port when I plug in the cable. What could be causing this?

  12. gud day!:-)
    im looking for wall charger, can u help me find 0ne?
    i hve zune 120 kase.
    ask ko din kung meron naba sa Cdr king? last year kse i ask Cdr king SM fairview branch, WALA daw?
    please help me.
    thank you so much!
    god bless!

  13. yes, they have, ask for an iPod charger. specifically this "iPod Kit Travel Charger and Data Cable." (shown above)

    Probably the one you ask didn't know about the zune, all they seem to know as mp3 players are iPods and those cheap China knockoffs. So Better ask for a generic iPod charger. But take note, buy the one wherein you can use your zune cable as the connector. (see pic above)

  14. Hi Rom,

    would this works with zune 2nd Gen 4gb player.



  15. Hi Manie,

    Only the car and wall adapter would work and not the usb cable.

    You can bring your flash zune with you and have it tested out first.

    Most CDRking branches have on-site tech people for testing items, so that shouldn't be a problem.

    *I have only tested it with my Zune 30GB so better take your zune with you when you buy just to be sure.

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