Happy New Year to all!

Greeting from the Philippines to the rest of the world, especially fellow zunesters.

We wish you all a happy and fruitful year ahead!

Shout-out go to our zune users who have posted their suggestions and comments on this blog eversince it started last November 2006:

  • Brian (aka) Levine of TPC
  • fiesthunter
  • seed_mode
  • those who emailed me...
  • and some anonymous posters...

Sana dumami pa ang mga Zune users dito sa Pinas! :)

Godbless you all!


Before placing your comments, please remember to stay on topic. Thanks

  1. thnx for the acknowledgment.. am really hoping to see more zune users here in philippines...

  2. Hi thanks for mentioning my name and happy new year!!!

    Un din wish ko sana dumami ang Zuners dito sa PINAS!


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