Cheap Zune AV Cable Connector

Hey guys, i just wanted to share this to you, if you're interested in hooking up your Zune into your home stereo and TV, no need to buy the Zune A/V kit accesories, I bought a cable from Handyman Gateway for P109 only, the cable has 3.5mm connector for the zune and 3 RCA connector (Red, Yellow & White) at the other side to connect it to your TV and Stereo. I tried it and it worked! Cool! Go get yours now! =)

Our fellow zunester, Rasta, has shared an alternative AV cable connector that he found in Handyman (hardware store). I have been scouting for a cheaper alternative to the original Zune AV accessories and had no luck at ACE hardware stores. For the price of P109 (US$2.18) it works just fine and lets you watch movies on your large screen tv and listen music on your component too!

Be sure the cable your buying is a 3.5mm with 3 black rings/lines. (not 2) The 3 rings stand for left channel, right channel, and video output.

If you have other tips and "cheapskate" deals. Share it with us! :)


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  1. I've been using the cheap cables as well. I got mine from Do It Best in Galleria. They work great!

  2. I bought one at SM North Edsa..unfortunately it didn't work for me...It only shows a hazy and multicolored ouput, but I can see my wallpaper there. I wonder why.. :( huhuh..boohoo..

  3. Try using the inputs at the back of the TV or cleaning the inputs where you plug the cables into. If that doesnt work try to plug the cables in such a way that they do not match the inputs on the TV. When i got my cables and plugged them in they didnt work. I later shuffled em around and found out that the video in was the red plug and that the right and left audio channels were the yellow and white respectively.

  4. thanks JC, but we already returned it to the shop...I tried switching the plugs into different ports and tried it in 3 tv sets, but still it shows a hazy display. (like those pay-per-view channels, if you don't have a cable box)

    I think, I would just find another generic brand. If it worked, it would be a good deal since it was only 98 pesos.

  5. ei, after reading this i bought one from ACE Hardware for 99 pesos..

    same problem with Rom.. mine shows distorted colors yet i can abstractly picture out my wallpaper in the screen..

    guys, where did you get your perfectly working cables?

  6. awwww.. I was at Gateway mall last saturday but I forgot to pass by Handyman!! grrrr...

  7. I also got mine but didn't work. I tried changing the PAL to NTSC. No such luck. Can you guys share the actual brand from Handyman. Mine is D&G, i think. (a pic would help too)


  8. Rewire the cable. The ground line of the yellow (video) will be the hot side and hot side will be the common ground.

  9. go to this link for details

  10. AV cable design, i hope thise helps
    for hazy and multicolored output problems

  11. same problem with feisthunter..


  12. hi nohctis,

    try switching the cables (match up the color of the cable with the wrong color on the TV while on AV channel) it worked on my Canon digicam cable.

  13. hi rom,

    I've tried all the combination (white to video, yellow to video, red to video), still it shows only the hazy output, but I can see my wallpaper there. Audio is working perfectly.

    BTW, the cable was from ACE hardware (99 petot). :)


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