Monday, February 05, 2007

Cheap Zune AV Cable Connector

Hey guys, i just wanted to share this to you, if you're interested in hooking up your Zune into your home stereo and TV, no need to buy the Zune A/V kit accesories, I bought a cable from Handyman Gateway for P109 only, the cable has 3.5mm connector for the zune and 3 RCA connector (Red, Yellow & White) at the other side to connect it to your TV and Stereo. I tried it and it worked! Cool! Go get yours now! =)

Our fellow zunester, Rasta, has shared an alternative AV cable connector that he found in Handyman (hardware store). I have been scouting for a cheaper alternative to the original Zune AV accessories and had no luck at ACE hardware stores. For the price of P109 (US$2.18) it works just fine and lets you watch movies on your large screen tv and listen music on your component too!

Be sure the cable your buying is a 3.5mm with 3 black rings/lines. (not 2) The 3 rings stand for left channel, right channel, and video output.

If you have other tips and "cheapskate" deals. Share it with us! :)

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