ZunePH lives again (sort of)

Updates on this blog have been on the low these past few weeks. This is due to the internet distribtion and slow connections speeds that I'm getting here at our place (mostly everyone else's). Logging into blogger was such a tedious task. Constantly refereshing the page hoping to see a fully-loaded page.

I use Windows Live writer in typing and composing entries. It's much easier to compose and publish an entry rather than manually going to blogger's site, logging in and clicking link after link just to be able to type, format and insert an image.

Unfortunately, after clicking the "Publish" button on MS Live writer, it does not actually publishes the article at once, it uploads it into blogger's page as a Draft, in which you'd anyway have to go and publish it manually, entering CAPTCHA details for security purposes..

Hope to get this blog rolling again! Thanks for the inputs guys!


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  1. Hey there.. I just came accross your page while trying to find local zune communities online..

    I saw a posting at zunerama about organizing a social and was wondering if there were such events that are being organized here in the country..

    Me and a friend who lived in the states for a while have been sending songs back and forth and am kinda wishing there were others to share em with.. What are your thoughts on organizing a small social experience for local zune users?? Local users could trade songs (hopefully not use the word "squirt" in describing the sharing process) over beers or coffee..

    Let us see if there is a thriving zune community in the philippines..

    (Sidenote: Just last week I found out that zunes were being sold in greenhills, unfortunately they didn't carry any accessories. But hey.. At least they sold zunes.)

  2. Hi JC, that would be a neat idea.

    As far as I know, the Zune community here in the Philippines is very young yet and not all Zune users locally have visited this site. As the trend continues and with more Zunes being sold here locally, we can, in the near future do something just like that! :) Let us just hope that by that time Microsoft has already thought and discarded the DRM issue that makes the Wifi nearly a useless feature.

    But it's a good idea! ice cream social, anyone? :)

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