Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Make your own Zune E-Book


Download Text to Zune E-book

JPEGBook is a third party program which will automatically convert your text into a JPEG file suitable within the Zune dimensions. Now that’s called original! I’m not too sure on what to do with books that seem a bit too long, but I’m sure that if you can cope with reading hundreds of JPEGs, such quantities won’t be a problem. Also, some flair or excitement could be added to the whole deal, but I’m sure that such a program will continue to develop further.

- taken from WiredZune

A Screenshot of the program. It is really intended for Playstation Portable (PSP) But there is an option for QVGA 320x240 horizontal and vertical dimension. The Horizontal works best for the Zune. You can also set up your own background and change the font style, size and color. Just open and choose a background.


I made a background that you can use for your own Zune, a Black, White and Brown one. Download them for your pleasure :)

If you're going to use the above image backgrounds, set your Text Area Margin Top to 25. It is located at Edit > Full Config.

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