Zune: Worst Gadget of 2006 - Engadget

The Winners of 2006 Engadget Awards

Various reactions from Engadget readers:

There were the negative reactions towards the award the Zune got:

Engadget is a biased blog. There is no possible way the Zune or PS3 would ever be the worst gadget of the year. How about some Chinese gadget that is trashy? What about some cruddy low end cell phone? I'm sorry, but the Zune isn't THAT bad, it's actually a decent PVP, and far better than the iPod in many ways.

And another one:

Yeah, the editor's picks made a lot more sense. The Zune is a great gadget, just not the iPod killer it was hyped to be. Clearly there is some reader bias toward apple, and maybe even Nintendo too. I own a Wii and a 360 and to be honest, I havn't touched my Wii (hey i don't mean it like that!) since December. My 360 on the other hand is used daily and has been since September.

And there are some who cheered :)

Worst Gadget of the Year - Readers' Choice: Microsoft Zune
need we say more M$?


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  1. definitely not true!?

  2. But honestly, they should improve the 1st gen zune capabilities more...

  3. it's not really true... in my opinion, zune and ipod is pretty much the same... except for ipod having games and all that stuff.. but zune has wifi that has limited features but could be changed through firmwares and also a bigger screen in contrast to what ipod have..

  4. yup, I agree...I hope microsoft get those firmwares up and running ASAP! :)

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