Limited Edition Watermelon Zune

A news color in the zune family will be added and it will be in the form of a red Zune. These limited edition Zune's will be available starting June 10th. The release is exclusive to online store Amazon and brick and mortar store, Target. So if you are intending to buy one now, ask you kamaganaks abroad to get you one, or better yet wait for the 2nd gen zune.

I hope zune rolls out new features rather than new colors. I must admit that these color do look delicious but it's the features and what's inside that counts for zune to be a dominant device sometime.

Zune has been lackluster in it's international efforts too. Quoting a statement from Steve Ballmer that Zune won't be seen in Europe this year. I'm glad that he was just misquoted :)


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  1. the firmware update is great!! it lets u zoom in the pictures while viewing it... does it already have a zoom in thing before???

  2. Jed, the zoom feature on the photos were already included in the initial out-of-the-box firmware :) eheh..

    I guess you use your zune primarily for music and videos... :)

  3. Just wanna ask where can i buy a Zune Sync Cable coz' my Zune went nuts on me in just 2weeks of careful use?It can charge on my PC but cannot in my included A/C adapter. And it cannot be recognized in any PC i connect it. Wanna try the cable thing first before i send it back to the USA for warranty claim. Thank you very much for your help!

  4. you can actually buy the sync cable in the zune website. here's the link

  5. if you're here in the Philippines, unfortunately, there are no 3rd party Zune USB sync cable yet (as far as I know)

    you can ask your friends abroad to send you one if you have a chance..

  6. any idea when the zune will be launched in the philippines? i've been thinking of buying it but i'm having second thoughts because of the lack of support and accessories.

  7. inkblotch,

    I believe it will not happen this year...Even the European launch is yet to be determined...

    I agree that's it's the lack of accessories and support in many local areas (even in U.S.) that makes the Zune a non-threat to iPods here, and around the world.

  8. hi sirs,im interested on having a zune..does anybody know where to buy it locally?thanks!

  9. Hi JM,

    there are a lot of zune resellers here in the Philippines, not from official Zune stores though... has zune sellers, price range from 12,800 to 13,000 too has one for 13,000 pesos

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