Friday, June 29, 2007

Nokia e61i and Zune

The E61i is the successor of the E61 and has the same form-factor – it is wide clamshell with landscape display and QWERTY keyboard. It features camera with resolution of 2-megapixels and it is quad-band GSM with UMTS, featuring WiFi, USB 2.0 and Bluetooth.

I have been tinkering with my e61i lately (kept forgetting to update this blog as often as I should.) I took pictures of both devices just for the sake of design and build aesthetics and I say both devices are beautiful! Both have large screens and both have wireless connectivity, and both do the things they do best, seamlessly!

The Zune -- play music and watch videos 
Nokia e61i -- make calls and type long emails and texts. Do some surfing via Wifi too!


Just look at how thick the Zune is. Even phones that play music and videos; make calls and surf the web are thinner than the Zune. Well...It's because the Zune packs a 30gb hard drive! while the Nokia e61i only has 40+MB internal memory and 256MB micro SD card..not even reaching a gig.

If you're in the neighborhood for a new mobile phone, and want to try out the "qwerty" way of texting I strongly recommend the e61i! It's predecessor, the e61, is of the same features but sans the 2.0 megapixel camera and some of the pre-installed apps, and of course the nice steel-plated shell exterior of it's newer version.

It's price is around 19500 to 22,000 Pesos in malls and cellphone shops. Obviously if you want to haggle the price, go to Greenhills. It might even cost less from online sellers found in

Key features:

  • Rich connectivity options - UMTS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Infrared
  • Outstanding battery life
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Messenger form factor with a full QWERTY keyboard
  • Really large 2.8” TFT display
  • Solid, metallic body
  • Symbian OS 9.1 S60 3rd Edition UI
  • microSD memory card slot

Main disadvantages:

  • Hefty weight
  • No HSDPA support
  • No secondary camera for video calls
Read e61i Review on GSMArena
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