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I recently bought a Zune Silicon case from Silie, a seller in TipidPC.com. She sells PDair accessories for almost any device found on the PDair website (O2, HTC, Asus, BenQ, HP, Palm, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc..) I also bought a leather-case for my trusty Nokia e61i. ;)

The silicon case cost Php500, while the leather case cost Php1,100. If you also want a screen protector, it goes for 300 bucks.

The silicon cases comes in 7 colors, White, Orange, Pink, Blue, Purple, Green and Black. I got the Black for my black zune but if you've been craving for the Pink Zune then get the pink case, it looks good.

Ms Silie of TipidPC has free shipping! The items come directly from China (i think, coz I had to pre-order and wait for a few days before the items arrived)

PDair Zune cases catalog


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  1. Hi Rom!

    Im glad to have known someone who also has a zune player... finally!

    Ei, i was just wondering... Are you Filipino? Are you in the Philippines now?

    You know what, I have been looking for places here in the Philippines where I can buy Zune Accessories like, Silicone/ Leather Cases, Screen Protector, Cable, etc.

    Can you help me with this?

    Also, I'm trying to find out how can I upload videos and how am I be able to initially convert them to be compatible with Zune for free? Do you know of any converter?

    Please reply to me about this.


    Dexter Ignacio
    Novaliches, QC., Philippines
    email: dixiceonlyster@gmail.com
    mobile: 09218297850

  2. Convert online flv youtube to 3gp/mp3/avi/wmv/mp4/mov directly

    Even converts to Zune format


  3. hi rom. just lost my usb converter (and charger, i got no wallcharger.) where can I buy a replacement?

    a screen protector and silicon case. nice. i want to get one of those too.

    Much thanks.

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