New iPod's & Zune's go head to head

The above image is my mockup of what the Zune must include in it's collection (please, no more new colors and limited editions) to match the iPod's new lineup.

I based of the new zune design from the supposedly marketing images of the new zunes. I created mock-up names too that would fit zune's profile and marketing. I though Zune Micro might do well for it's company, MICROsoft. Zune HD on the other hand, stands for Zune Hi-Definition, yeah just another marketing hype word but it does sound and look cool, no?

This is just the exterior and form factor of the device. Again, what really counts is the software inside these devices to make it work. Simplicity and functionality is first on the list. Second will be the implementation, or how the device would be marketed as a whole and how it's products and services would function under the Zune umbrella, or even complement other Microsoft products like the XBox 360. One classic example is Microsoft's poor implementation and execution of it's wifi feature (after bragging of being the first Wifi mp3 player) Apple overtook Zune in the over-the-air, wireless song purchase with iTunes Wireless Music System.

Another thing are updates. Updates on the device and updates on the PC software is crucial to keep devices up-to-date with new features and add-ons. 1st Gen Zune buyers, feel that they've been neglected of the promised updates, with a year passing and nothing more than 3 update that actually did nothing on the Zune but fix minor problems... Just visit, read the comments and you'll see what I mean.

I'm still rooting for the Zune...I just hope they get their act together and do something great. A product that people would really want. Enough of the marketing social gimmicks. enough of the DRM policy, enough of legalities and 3x3 sharing policies. Just do something that is fresh, innovative and pro-consumer. Open up, go international, beef up the features, provide meaningful updates. Period

What do you think of this new lineup?

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