Customized Zunes for schools and organizations available

Zune designed and pre-loaded content is thrown in the package for any school/universities or oraganization who wants to use these customized devices for their marketing and giveaways.

Michael Greene in his blog Off Campus wrote: 

This opens a lot of interesting marketing opportunities for both schools and universities to create imaginative devices.  Imagine if you rewarded season ticket holders with a custom Zune filled with video clips from last season and a courteous thank you from the head coach!  What if you welcomed all incoming freshman with a branded Zune preloaded with orientation video!  How about high school students with their mascot blazing the back of an mp3 player as they listen to podcasts recorded by their teachers and wireless trade flashcards.

If these were rolled out here, I bet green and blue zunes will sell like hotcakes! Try selling them outside Araneta for every Ateneo and LaSalle game! Forget the scalpers, die-hard fans would surely buy these, especially if you preload them with videos of previous seasons of UAAP games..hehe!

source: Zune-Online

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