New Zunes Unleashed!

What are the Official Names?  

Microsoft on Tuesday night announced three new versions of its Zune digital music player, including two with flash memory.

The new 4GB and 8GB models come in the same housing (pictured at left) and will retail for $149 and $199, respectively. The 80GB model (center) will retail for $249 and store up to 20,000 songs. Microsoft has revamped device software and will issue an upgrade to owners of the original Zune 30GB model (right).

Touch Sensitive Button

All three new Zune models will come equipped with a touch-sensitive button called the Zune Pad. Instead of pushing the sides of the main navigation button to move around, a user can simply slide a finger across the button's surface.

Ahh colors, but no white?

The Zune's expanded color palette: the 80GB Zune is available only in black, but the 4GB and 8GB models will come in red, green, pink and black. The new music players will be available in November.

Marketplace Redesigned

Among the changes announced by Microsoft on Tuesday was a redesign of Marketplace, the Zune music store.

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  1. wow! i hope it will be available locally.prices are on par with the a music enthusiast but have 2nd thoughts in buying an mp3/media player for years.I think now is the time of getting one!hehehe

  2. i think i'll still with my old 30gb zune for a while, it will have ALL the features of the new ones anyway heheh :)

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