Zune 2 questions & answers + video!


Source: Zune's new 'click-flick' hybrid interface

What will they be called?

The 80-gigabyte hard drive and a 3.2-inch screen will be called Zune 80.

Th smaller, flash memory-based Zune, with 1.8-inch screen, in pink, green, black and red with either 4 GB or 8 GB of storage, will be called Zune 4 and Zune 8 respectively

Any new features?

  •  The latest generation sports a shiny glass screen and new interface (also applicable for early Zune 30gb adopters as a firmware upgrade)
  • New touch pad navigation button (zune pad) 
  • Wi-Fi to sync music, movies and photos wirelessly with users' PCs.
  • Like the original Zune, the new models include an FM radio tuner and the ability to wirelessly share songs with other Zune owners.
  • Premium headphones (in-ear ones)
  • New codecs supported h.264 and MPEG-4
  • Podcast support
  • and some imporvement on the zune marketplace which we'll never get to use since we're in the Philippines!! (-.-)

When will it hit the stores?

The new Zunes are to go on sale in mid-November.

How much?

The 4 GB Zune will cost $149, the 8 GB one will sell for $199 and the 80 GB model for $249. The prices match those of Apple Inc.'s comparable iPod models.

I will just wait for the Zune Phone

Sure, wait for it...but in the meantime read this:

Microsoft executives have denied plans for a "Zune phone" since the iPhone was introduced this summer. J Allard, a corporate vice president in Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, said designing a touch pad instead of a touch screen was a deliberate decision to let users skip tracks and change the volume without having to look at the screen.

(source: yahoo news ; engadget)


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  1. hi. very nice blog about the zune. i was wondering where can i buy a zune here in the philippines? especially when the new models come out?iv been looking all over the metro but i cant seem to find a store that sells zunes. all i see are ipods and im getting sick of it.

  2. thanks! zunes are only sold online from enterprising individuals, i bet that as soon as these new zunes come out, they'll be locally available at ebay.ph after a 2 weeks or a month...

    a month would be my best bet since it's holiday season, people will send home balikabayan boxes and pasalubongs..

  3. ok. well i guess il just have to buy it in amazon or hope that someone will sell it here and not doodle us buyers haha! again great blog about the zune.keep up the good work and i hope that this will be the start of more zune users here in the philippines. i cant wait for all those ipods to be obsolete and so yesteryear.

  4. w0w!!! yes, finally!! new firmware update dis coming november.. hehe..

  5. i think i like to get the new one, 30GB is not enough for me now.

  6. r u serious?? i still even have like 15 GB free.. haha..

  7. yes im serious i got over 4500 songs, 3000 photos and 50 tv shows. i got only 1.9GB left.... hehehe....

  8. I think, mine still a 13gb left... I think it will be filled come firmware update.

    I imagine auto-syncing podcasts and vidcasts as soon as I get home. I will never have to plug it in (except when charging it)

  9. Hello. The Zune 80 seems like a great one. It's specs are between the Ipod Classic and the Touch. Nice large screen to go with large capacity.

    Hope MS will sell them worldwide.

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