Zune 2.0 and Flash Zune Leaked Photos

These are stolen shots taken by ZuneScene forum member RCMADIAX. He said he took photos of these cardboard zunes (meant for display) from the "large retailer" where he works. Reports say that Zune 2 will have a 160GB drive and not 80GB.

Microsoft is set to debut the Zune 2 on October 2 (which is today here in Manila and hours more on the western hemisphere) Microsoft is also set on releasing firmware updates on Generation 1 Zunes probably on the same date as the launch. The leaked photos and news was reported also in Engadget and Gizmodo, debunking the October 16th announcement earlier.

The photos shows a brown flash zune which I thought they already discarded, but from the looks of this one I'd have to say it does not look bad at all... As you can notice also, the fonts on the the Zune 2 is different now. The Flash zunes also have video on them.

I'm sure we'll find out more about these new devices in the coming hours. Stay tuned!

Photos from Kostas of Zune-Online |  Breaking news from ZuneScene


UPDATE: The Photo below apparently shows the Zune 1 with new firmware version 2. notice the orientation of the battery icon and the fonts.


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  1. where can i buy zune in manila? i think i'll like this much better than the ipod touch, which i already own. NO radio, makes it pretty much a bore.

  2. Try tipidpc.com


    someone is already accepting reservations for Zune 80GB

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