Monday, November 19, 2007

Download Zune 80 Preloaded content

Lost your preloaded content after a reformat? Interested to know what Zune 80's preloaded contents are? (for us who can't get a hold on to a Zune 80 yet)

Lucky you again! Long Zheng, famous for his skills in digging softwares and websites, has found out the Microsoft actually is making the entire preloaded content of Zune 80 available on their servers as a downloadable 410MB zip file. Now that's huge.

List of the preloaded goodies:

Audio Tracks
Datarock, “Fa-Fa-Fa”
Mexican Institute of Sound, “El Microphono”
Sidestepper, “Paloma”
CéU, “Ave Cruz”
Barenaked Ladies, “Easy”
John Doe, “Golden State”
The Handsome Furs, “Cannot Get Started”
Pop Levi, “Sugar Assault Me Now”
Junkie XL, “Dark Territory”
Pacha Massive, “Don’t Let Go”

Music Videos
Avril Lavigne, “Make Five Wishes” Trailer
Low, “The Hatchet”
Pacha Massive, “Don’t Let Go”
Joya, “Funky C”
Dntel, “The Distance”
“This American Life: Squirrel Cop”
Nylon TV
Intro to Podcasts
Intro to Podcasts (Spanish)

Short Videos
“Red Bull BC1″ (Red Bull)
“A Passion for Film Making” (IFC)
“First Kiss” (CAPiTA Snowboarding)

“Illume,” Red Bull (44 images)
Zune Image Set (42 images)

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