FAQ's about Zunes in the Philippines

UPDATED: August 17, 2009

I have received numerous mails asking where to get hold and buy a Zune, (30gb and the new ones). So I decided to just make this entry to answer those future inquiries. Honestly, I didn't expect this many e-mails asking about Zune.  I guess after the 80gb launch, people have been interested in the Zune due to it's price/feature compared to the iPod. It's really a worthy alternative.

Where can I buy a Zune in the Philippines? Is there a dealer?

As of now there are no official dealers in the Philippines. Some Zunes are sold by individuals, not stores.. You can also check online classified sites like tipidpc.com or eBay.ph

Warranty? Where can I service the unit should it break down?

Sadly none, that is the risk of owning a zune.. It is a US only product/support. Sorry to say that. But if it's any consolation, I can personally say that Zune 30 is a sturdy product, you won't have to worry on scratches on the screen or body. Though the Zune 120 has a glossy look and you may want to cover it up with Zune 80/120 Invisible Shield sold here.

Accessories!! I need zune accessories!

I recently bought a Zune Silicon case from Silie, a seller in TipidPC.com. She sells PDair accessories for almost any device found on the PDair Zune cases catalog. Maybe you could find something you like.

What are the new features of the Zune 80?

First of all, remember that the first generation zunes will also receive the new firmware update, meaning you get all the eye candy and features of the Zune 80 on your Zune 30. The noteworthy features of Zune 80 is the 3.2" glass covered screen, zune-pad (you can flick through the "squircle" pad), wireless sync (30gb via firmware update), radio (30gb also), podcast support (30gb via firmware update).

How do you upgrade to the most recent version?

You can upgrade to the very recent version by first, downloading the new software here:


From time to time, you may need to update your Zune to get the latest improvements and new features.

Check for Zune device updates

  • In the Zune software, click Settings, Device, Device Update.
  • If an update is available, follow the instructions on the screen to install it.
  • Like the Zune device, the Zune software is updated from time to time with improvements and new features. Make sure you have the latest version.

Check for Zune software updates

  • In the Zune software, click Settings, Software, Check for updates.
  • If an update is available, follow the instructions on the screen to install it.

Is there a way to completely turn off the unit where in even I press any button, the unit is still off?

Press and hold the back button together with the down button in the circle pad for a while. The unit will turn itself on. To switch is back on. Press the play/pause button. To avoid turning the unit on while it’s turned off, lock the buttons by clicking the lock tab on top, the orange strip should be showing.

Where can I buy the data cable locally?

As of now, zune accessories is not sold locally, you may try your luck on classified websites like ebay, or tipidpc.com and try searching for zunes.

Can we buy Zunes from you?

No, I don’t sell them.

Any more questions?

I would suggest that you use the search function on the right panel, or back-read the posts in this blog before asking. Some of your questions may have already been answered by a post or a comment.

Hey, you missed something...

Do help me update this post about anything (stores selling zune, resource sites, programs..etc..) by commenting below.


Zune 80 / 120 Pros and Cons


  • It has Wifi sharing feature and wifi syncing
  • Zune has FM radio
  • Nicer interface compared to iPod
  • Way cooler than iPod as few people have it (got that exclusive-feel)
  • Supports podcasts
  • with larger LCD portrait screen, widescreen mode on movie.
  • Zune touch pad button on Zune 80
  • With the same price you get more with the Zune


  • Not yet supported in the Philippines!
  • No accessories available yet.. (if you search well you can find though)
  • Can’t mount as storage drive support
  • You can’t play music stored on zune while plugged in the PC (using the PC speakers)
  • No Mac support
  • No calendar, contacts, notes, etc..stuff
  • Zune 80 has no EQ
  • Risky since it has no support locally.


Zune HD Pros and Cons


  • Can output Hi Definition videos to your HD TV’s via the HDMI dock.
  • Supports HD Radio.
  • Packs Nvidia Tegra chip
  • OLED screen results in crisp images and black blacks, low power consumption.
  • supports multi-touch gestures.
  • With the same price you get more with the Zune


  • Still not supported in the Philippines!
  • Can’t mount as storage drive support
  • No Mac support
  • Zune HD has no mention of apps unlike iPod


Before placing your comments, please remember to stay on topic. Thanks

  1. nice blog, very informative. finally i'm goin to be a owner of zune too ^^

  2. I really want to get the new Zune 80! I can't find any outlet here. Ugh. If you have any idea please let me know through this email (jhoeforth@yahoo.com)


  3. i checked ebay.ph unfortunately only Zune 30s are avail. Zune 80s you'll see there will come from the US din..

    whats the difference, aside from the memory capacity and navigation, bet the 30 and the 80?

  4. what are the chances of the Zune being infected by a virus?

    you see, the apple products has a different format in which viruses aren't familiar with and so it couldn't do any damage. but with microsoft products, they are more susceptible to viruses...

  5. what are the chances of the Zune being infected by a virus?

    Zero chance (as of present) Same for iPods. As for the PC, Windows are more vulnerable because more people use them, majority of the world's population uses PC.

    Mac on the other as has few users, creating a virus for macs would not make any sense. Mac users are rapidly growing.

  6. hi roman. im rei and i own a zune 80 for like 2 months now and i got it for 10,300 only. btw, i would like to ask if you can help me find accessories like dock chargers/car chargers, tv cable etc.? tnx roman hoping to find your wifi frequency here in qc. hehe tnx bro.

  7. hi rei, you got a good deal for your zune80! :) As for the accessories, yeah, there's a drought of zune accessories here. I'm planning on selling zune accessories soon, let me know if you're interested. :)

    thanks for dropping by the blog!

  8. i got my 30G zune last year of i think of august for only $199 ..dollar to peso conversion that time were around 42 pesos so that is just8358... i love my zune eventhough it has no clocks.. etc features like ipod.. the thing is i have lots of music and movie stored in it and i haven't used all of the 30g yet...

  9. Hey awesome blog and FAQ, informed me a lot! :) Great that I stumbled upon your blog, it really answered a lot of my q's.

    Oh and for the people looking for some Zune (hope you don't mind my shameless plug, Roman):

    I'm selling some brand new Zunes. If you want any special order (esp. 80gb) contact me at ruthiemaria at yahoo dot com :)

    Thanks so much Roman! :)

  10. hi ruthie :)

    care to share more information about the zunes you're selling? like how much? how do they order etc? I'll post it in the front page. :)

    thanks for dropping by the blog!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hey Roman! I emailed you back already about the details. Thanks again! Really appreciate it! :) :) :)


    GASP I'm sorry I had to delete the other comment, I used the wrong blogaccount hahaha.

  13. hi roman,its me again. just want to ask a question coz im very curious about it:

    can i plug in my zune to other pc's just for the sake of charging the battery? and are there any chances of getting viruses just by doing so?!

    tnx bro. im proud of your blog. more and more pinoy zune owners are showing up. looking forward for great zune community someday. :)

  14. Hi Rei,

    You can plug your zune to any thing that has a USB port that is powered. Don't worry about viruses, zune is a closed-system and I don't think viruses can affect or destroy it's firmware.

    Thanks for being a part of it rei, hoping zune users show up in this blog, and as Joefort, a Zune hardcore user suggested, we could have a mini gathering someday :)

  15. ah ok, tnx for that, really appreciate it. just to add up, i have this original usb power adapter designed for ipod (if ur familiar w/ that), i was just wondering, since the zune cable fits perfectly into the adapter, can i use that as an alternative to charge my zune? ive tried it once and it works but i immediately unplug it because im afraid that it may affect the battery someday since the adapter is especially designed for ipods..i also read the specs of the adapter which has an output "DC 5v, 1 A" while at the back of the zune it says input "5V, 1.4 A"..

    il be very glad if u can help me out on this one...TNX SO MUCH rom :)

  16. Hi, rei, you can read this post. I think it will work on your charger.


  17. Hi! I'm sorry if this question has been asked, but anyway...

    I've been contemplating for some weeks now on which mp3 player to get--to replace my 3-year old Zen Micro. Right now, it's down to the Zune 80 GB and the IPod Classic 80 GB. I'm almost certain I want the Zune but I'm just bothered with all the negative reviews on the software. Is it true that you really have to keep all the contents of the Zune in your computer? Apparently, the manual sync settings aren't of much help? Or can be a bit unreliable at times (deleting all music/videos uploaded without warning/erroneous tagging/labels, etc)? How has your own experience been? I've never been an IPod owner, so I have no comparison. Hope you can shed some light on this.

    Thanks! :)


  18. Hi Pamy, from many fronts, Zune80 beats the iPod Classic 80gb hands down. Wifi synching, large screen, and radio are just some of the zune's advantages.


    regarding the Manual synching, you can actually turn that off, so after uploading all your stuff to your zune, you could actually delete the files off your PC, just make sure, the sync options is not set to automatic or else, it will delete the files on the device if it does not find it on your local drive.

  19. borrowed from zuneboards

    "the reason why all your music got deleted off your zune is that it has auto sync on, and the zune software is monitoring all your files, if they monitor your files, and they notice your songs are deleted, they'll delete it off the zune also. in the Zune software, go to Settings, collection, and then remove all the monitor files on all section, then drag and drop all the music back into the zune software, and resync it with your zune again. hope that helps"

  20. Thanks Roman! :)

    Funny how people keep complaining about this, when the fix seems pretty simple.

    Hope I can comment as an actual user next time around. Good to know a local Zune community exists. :)

  21. Does the zune radio work in the Phils? Tnx!

  22. yup the radio works like any other radio.. It searches for FM frequencies.

  23. HELP! i just got a zune80gb, i can't sync my zune. when i plug in the usb cable, it does not recognize my zune thru the software? but it charges? what could be the problem? usb cable kaya? - christine

  24. Hi Christine, try plugging it in the back of your computer in case you've been plugging it in the front USB's.

    I think that it may not be a cable problem since its charging. Try plugging your zune to another PC and see if it detects it.

  25. Im using a compaq laptop for it. there are three usb ports, only one port can detect it, yung lumalabas lang e remove hardware safely sa baba, pero pag sa software na wala madetect. I havent tried sa desktop kasi 2 lang usb ports dun sa front. i dowloaded the software sa zune.net, pero i tried to sign up sabi not available in your region. May nabibili ba na usb cable neto sa cdr king? aaarghh its not working kainis.- christine

  26. Sometimes, usb ports of laptops can be underpowered, this may cause some problems so be sure you try all usb slots, and also try on a different desktop to narrow down the possible cause.

    When downloading and signing up a live account for your zune software, don't use Philippines as your country, select a North American state, so that you can access the marketplace...

    Nope, walang usb sa cdr-king ang zune.

  27. YOUR BLOG ROCKS ROMAN!! I love it!


  28. Jump in lang ako hehe.

    Christine, as Roman said, some USB ports don't have enough power to facilitate Zune activities kaya baka yun lang prob.

    Check this link out, last paragraph:

    Atsaka if you're looking for USB cable, the seller from one of Roman's post is selling a few she told me when I inquired. Email her na lang to make sure.


  29. ei, Ysab thanks a lot! :)

  30. ayt! got it! thanks so much!- christine ;)

  31. hello! i have another question! why does my files get deleted sa zune if I delete them from the pc. I tried going to settings then collection then removing monitor files. how would i sync my music and videos after that? Im used to having the device sync the uploaded music automatically.

  32. what is podcast for?..

    spadey_ace@yahoo.com e-mail me..

  33. Hi rom. Your blog is really great. I'm expecting my Zune 120gb by 1st week of december.

    I just wanna ask, my mp3 songs on my desktop are in by folder. What I mean is, every album are in folders. Example... Metallica songs is in folder & yung laman nun is folder for every metallica's album. Paano ba ang sa zune nun kung ganun ang setup ko?

    I have ipod classic 80gb & di pwedeng by folder sa ipod. So ang ginawa ko is yung playlist ng ipod, yun ang ginawa ko ng parang by folder. Ganun di ba sa zune?

  34. Hi judell74,

    the Zune categorizes your music by album, artist, songs, genre or playlist. Unfortunately, the way you placed and organized it in your computer is disregarded.

    The zune is unlike the iPod wherein you can just drag and drop music files to a specific playlist, but you can create your custom playlist using the zune software.

    You can try downloading the new zune software 3.1 and try importing your media collections on it. File management would be similar to your zune device.

    goodluck! :)

  35. Tnx for the reply rom. Got na my Zune 120gb & I've been playing it for days now & I'm loving it!

    Problem ko nga lang talaga is di pala pwedeng gumawa ng folder sa playlist not like on ipod, you can make a folder before a playlist. Wala na bang remdyo for my problem? Tnx!

  36. hi rom.

    i just got a pink zune recently, and i just have a few questions..

    every time i put pictures, it displays upside down for portrait. is there a way to fix this?

    thanks and happy new year~

  37. hi jez-chan,

    Just clarifying, the zune automatically shows photos in landscape mode, so you have to tilt the zune to the right. No accelerometer here like ipod touch.

    If you mean that the photos are displaying 180 degree upside down. you may have to rotate it on your computer before uploading to your zune.. goodluck! happy new year too! :)

  38. I am getting frustrated with my new zune 80 gb.... i have been downloading the software for 2 days now... and its irritating like i wanna throw out my zune to the terrace down to the ground floor. everytime i download the software in zune.net/setup, it always says that i have to do this.... blah blah then i have to do miicrosoft update, then download this, then i have to wait like hours just to know that my download stopped. i also downloaded internet explorer 7... and it is still in the process of downloading -__-... just keeping in touch with reality, ZUNE isn't really user friendly. made a mistake.

    at first, i was so excited upon recieving my zune 80 gb from zpilipinas. so excited that i was expecting that when i open up my zune, i can automatically transfer music... but no, you have to go through series of hell steps. THIS IS JUST my personal experience. thanks.

  39. You should have researched well first before purchasing.. What operating system are you using?

  40. Actually the Zune is easy to setup. Try doing the following in order:

    1. Download and install the most recent Zune Software at zune.net
    2. Connect your zune out of the box to your PC.
    3. Let your PC detect your Zune and it's ready to go!

    no need to download IE7 or install windows updates for the zune to work.

  41. "no need to download IE7 or install windows updates for the zune to work."

    Not entirely true as seen above.
    Should add Zune's system requirements to prevent that.

  42. The Zune software arranges your music by album artist, album, and genre by metadata or tags. Use mp3tag to properly tag your music files. If you do this, tracks will be in their proper album/artist even if they're not sorted by folder structure.

    Difference between Zune 30 and 80/120 aside from capacity and navigation: Size: 2.4" × 4.4" × 0.58" vs 2.4" × 4.25" × 0.5"
    Screen size: 3" vs 3.2"
    TV-out: 320x240 vs 720x480
    Battery: 14/4 vs 30/4

    Settings -> device -> sync options -> Manual sync so files stay in your Zune unless you delete it manually.

  43. Do you guys know the multiply page of the folks selling zune in the Flips? Please post or PM. Thanks.

  44. it's zpilipinas.multiply.com, if i'm not mistaken.

  45. tried to sign in to "social" is it really not available in the philippines yet?

  46. Hi, would you have any idea when will Zune be officially available in the Pinas? Looks like my 120 gave up already, need to have it serviced. Safe ba i-greenhills to?

  47. Hi shane,

    I think that's the only via option right now for repairing broken zunes. Sorry to hear that your zune 120 gave up :( Nope no word yet on the international release.

  48. hi.. ask q lng po sana kng nag sell po b kau ng usb cable d2 s pinas? may contact number po b kau? please email me back at schoolsucks_06@yahoo.com. thanks!!

  49. hi! sorry i don't sell zune usb cables.

  50. anyone having sync issues with their zune? what could be the problem? my zune charges but the program doesnt detect it. and in the settings it says that iv used up the 30gig memory but iv only put 8gig of songs in..

  51. im planin to buy zune hd kaso diba sa states lang may support?? san ako makakakita ng firmware upgrade? at mga apps???? i love zune hd's UI....

  52. yung firmware upgrade, automatic yan magnontify once you hook up your zune and launch the zune software which you can download the most recent one at zune.net.

    After that you can also download the apps from the software itself and upload it to your zune hd

  53. yung version ng sune software na dinownload ko eh wala yung marketplace and social.... magupgrade din ba yun?? and how can i dload apps kung wala yung marketpalce tab?? thanks

  54. speedmastah19/5/10 11:06 PM

    hehehe! i'm just like you at first.. well it's easy actually.. just open the control panel of your pc and change your location to US if its set in Philippines... Close the software and open it again... Marketplace will be available then... goodluck!

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