Sunday, November 04, 2007

We Make it Ours

One thing I liked about Microsoft Zune is the way they branded their device in such a way that it clearly differentiates them from other mp3 players that are deluging the market right now. In well over a year, the Zune has already established an identity of its own with its wacky and sometimes offbeat advertisements and promos. People just either love or hate some (if not all) ideas coming out from the zune team, from the first indie commercials to the choice of brown color option on the zune lineup.

As they say, Good or bad publicity is STILL publicity. Come to think of it right now, the initial reaction of people on the brown zune may have bolstered the zune presence over the web. As blogs and news wires were filled up with jokes and insults over the brown “turd-brick”, it gave the Zune the publicity it needed as a starting device. Even though there were negative reactions at first, the people who ACTUALLY used the device and saw the brown zune with the green double-shot glow loved it.

I think that’s what the Zune team wanted. They already anticipated the mixed reactions on people and banked on that initiative to push zune as a whole new brand, to convey it as a very “bold” brand, a brand that is not afraid to try new approach on things.

With that in mind, the Zune’s new catchphrase for the second-generation devices is “You Make It You” (replacing the non-existent “Welcome to the Social” slogan). I also have to say that being a graphic designer, I love (zune-arts too), because of the artsy and vectored graphics that in my opinion, makes the device original, inspired and dynamic. The look resembles the funky and fresh style of many pop-art inspired websites; one example is seen on Havaianas site and another on Flowers Feed the Soul.

With iPod being marketed as minimalistic and clean, the Zune is going the opposite. It sends the message that it is fun, colorful, and sometimes wild. I think I’m more of a “fun, colorful and sometimes wild” kind of person. How about you?

- Taken from my's Guest Blogger Article

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