Zune Software update is now LIVE

I'm downloading it right now! Will update this post in a while..

The new site is also up too! http://www.zune.net/en-US/default.htm

Luckily, I live on the other side of the planet (Philippines). I'm still awake when web software or product launches are made and be the first one to catch the news. Still, it's a bit disappointing that Zunes are still USA-only. What about us loyal international zune users?... sigh..

UPDATE: ZunePH is now version 2.0!

Wala akong masabi! the new interface looks sweeeeett!! and the software, which kinda is confusing to use at first, looks good also!

I think the Zune Team nailed it this time!! Go update yours! NOW!


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  1. Preping mine... and getting ready for the firmware!! wohoo!! am so excited here.. and also with the zune social.. our zune-friendster i think..

  2. i am "jmkerr12" in zune social.. add my account... hehehe

    let's make a huge PINOY zune community..

  3. just a suggestion: to all commenter here.. choose 'others' and put your zune social page as your 'web page' --> just a suggestion!! :) wahaha

    [my page is not yet updated]

  4. i supah love the new interface... more than amazing!!!

    i still LOVE my ZUNE over my iphone!!


  5. new interface is way too cool on the zune device .....

    2 things on the zune desktop software
    1. can't find the find/change album info?
    2. the update messes my tagged tv shows on the decvice..... have to resync my videos......

  6. i have resync my videos and categorize accordingly (TV/Music Video/Movies). But one thing i notice was all videos have the same date, 1/2/2007?????????

    example...... *1/2 is the date
    1/2 Heroes S02E01
    1/2 Heroes S02E02
    1/2 Heroes S02E03

  7. Ver 2.0? Guess your zune is not 100% up to date coz ver 2.2 is out yo.

  8. Microsoft didn't release v2.0????

    I have v2.2 ugraded from v1.4 yesterday...

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