Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Way too early for Zune 3?

Zunescene is reporting that meetings have already begun involving the new Zunes, dubbed as Zune 3. I don't know about this but I think Microsoft should focus more on what's in the present, and improving the current Zune 2 line base on initial customer feedbacks and reactions.

The image on the right is only a mock-up made by a user (you can relax now.) But if ever this mock-up design would be a reality (if ever) then this would surely be a flop, just like Zune 30 social-thing. The interface looks lost, there is no consistency on the typographic elements, the Zune logo button is too redundant plus it looks just like an iPhone merged with a Samsung player.

Just barely a month after it's release, I want my Zune 80 (in stock) first before any ZPhone or Zune 3 joins the scene and I do hope that Microsoft would set a high priority on the release of zunes outside U.S.A and Canada. In any case, Zune 3 would just be too early, we wouldn't want a repeat of the early compromise made on Zune 30 last year.

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