Happy New Year! CES 2008 Coverage

I know, It's late, well anyways...here it goes.

I started this blog last November 2006 when I had gotten my very first music player which was the Zune. During those time, the iPod was the dominant (until now) mp3 player out there with only Creative as their fiercest competitor. With the release of the Zune and PMP players like Samsung and others, the music hardware industry is really growing. I asked a relative of mine who was there to get me one (right after the November 14 launch)

The Zune 30 was not perfect, it had it's flaws, but buying something not iPod gave me a feeling of uniqueness... Well that's me. Even though the first edition sucked (no podcast, WiFi was crimped) I had this notion that the Zune was just future-proof in a way that it had Wifi in it, and the upgrade possibilities were endless. Well..I was right. We did get a big upgrade last October :)

Year 2007 flew by and fortunately we got to see the new Zunes before the year ended. This year 2008, a lot are expected to come from the Zune Team and ZunePh will continue updating you guys about anything zune-related.

Zunesters, maybe a few, feel free to contribute

So at the start of the new year, I would like to invite interested contributors to this blog (if there's any) Just e-mail me or comment in this post. You will be given full credit and freedom over what you post. Just be sure it's something tech-related, any reviews are also appreciated.


CES 2008 is starting tomorrow at Las Vegas. Bill Gates' last keynote, before he relinquishes his duty in Microsoft, will be today at exactly 6:30PM Pacific Standard Time. New news and plans about Zunes will probably be announced there, let's cross our fingers.

Watch Live Here the Pre-show Keynote

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