In Need of Zune 80?

Forget the local distributors. Zune 80, straight from the USA at a price lower than most resellers here, delivered via USPS to the Philippines for only 13,000 pesos.

Inna of is accepting orders for Zunes and other cool gadgets. She is based in the USA and has a sis-in-law who works in a shipping company :) niicee..

According to her site: Shipping will take 4-7days in Metro Manila.

Thanks for the tip Jennifer! :)


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  1. no problem :)

  2. meron na ba nkipag transact with her? any comments? reliable ba?

  3. None yet. She's a friend of Jenny (commenter above) Maybe she can vouch for her... I personally don't think this is a scam or anything dubious..

  4. i do hope so, kase ill be getting one from her maybe tom.

  5. bro just to be sure, you can contact jenny :) goodluck on your purchase! balitaan mo kami dito and yung process ha.. hehe thanks!

  6. i trust her :)
    she gave me the tracking number the day after my purchase was shipped...though i havent processed the payment yet that time..its all cool. you can track your purchase via

  7. hello

    sensya na po kung offtopic pero can i ask if pwedeng mag-request/order ng Zune 4? sa nagbebenta ng Zune 80?..sana pwede..i'm dying to have a Zune..:Dv

  8. hi rage, you can try contacting her personally, I think she is selling 4gb and 8gb for 9k and 11k

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