Jobs: Different Kind of Air

Fresh out of his Macworld keynote, Steve Jobs seems jolly and optimistic about the launch of the new Macbook Air. It’s a cool product, really thin portable notebook, but the price versus power really killed it. Those who will buy it surely aren’t power users, but just those who have enough money to spend and want to be cool… anyway, enough about the air in Macbook Air.

After his speech, Jim Goldman of CNBC got an exclusive interview with Mr. Jobs.

"I told Jobs that I had sat down with Microsoft's Robbie Bach last week at the Consumer Electronics Show. I mentioned that Bach was particularly optimistic about the new Zune, that it was now a worthy alternative to Apple's iPod.

Asked Jobs: "Was he inebriated? Do you even know anyone who owns a Zune?"

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I feel that there’s really something in the air on Steve the past few days. Another incident that Mr. Holy Man was involved himself was shrugging of a blogger fan Violet Blue, calling her rude as she asked him if she could take a picture with him.

I saw that Steve Jobs was just hanging out on the Macworld expo floor, not in conversation, not talking to anyone, and poking at his phone in the middle of the public so I walked over. Thinking a girl -- in this case, a fangirl, me -- will never get anything if she doesn't ask for it, I lightly touched his arm and said "hi". He looked at me, and I blushingly asked if it would be okay for me to ask if I could take a picture with him. I didn't say my name or anything else, I was just a girl. He told me curtly, flatly that I was rude. And turned his back to me. The small circle of people around him sniggered. That woman you see actually snort-laughed at me, and rolled her eyes.

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Maybe the "air" he was talking about went to his head instead.

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