Monday, January 21, 2008

Zune T-shirt Idea

I had extra time in my hands today and thought of something...why not create a zune shirt. Is that a good idea? I mean, the Zune Masters had their own zune t-shirt, So why not Zune Philippines? this may spread the word out...

My uncle has a shirt printing business and I had this idea to create something for this blog...or for anything else, just for me to wear (I need more shirts) I'll talk to him about this idea and get his quote. This is just one color only so it would be cheaper, the only consideration would be the shirt quality...

Do you think a good zune T-shirt is worth creating and producing? I'm thinking that only few people would ACTUALLY know the "zune" shape, but if no one's gonna bite this one, then I'm thinking I'll be wearing this one myself, or give away some in this blog just like other zune bloggers out there.

What do you think? Hot? or not.

New Design! (1/15/08 Tuesday)


I had time once again and I came up with this design, like the I'm a Mac, and PC viral. Of course, bida ang zune :) sawa na sa buhay yung iPod, gasgas na kasi... heheh!

Sample shirt (1/20/08 Sunday)

I have already the sample shirt with me, I made a mistake and forgot to include the "Squircle" outline on the first design so they will have to redo the final print run. I'm also thinking if I should include the iPod controls (menu,back, left and play/pause) it may make the iPod design look cluttered.

This print is the embossed print.

This is the glossy print, this one is better because of it's bright print.

I think the dark print on a light colored shirt looks better than the light print on a dark colored shirt. The graphic pops out and can easily be understood on a dark on light shirt.

I will post the shirt sizes here later.

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