Monday, February 11, 2008

Microsoft + Yahoo = Doom?

Heard the news? $44.6 Billion. that's a lot of money. way worth more than the ZTE scam and all Philippine scams combined.

I myself like Yahoo! the way it is right now. They may be losing in Search but they are still the #1 website in the world in terms of traffic. I like their Yahoo! Messenger and Mail, Flickr,

Is Microsoft eating Yahoo! a clash of the cultures? Some might say so,

I think that MS has many middle management issues that hampers their innovation process. It takes too many chains of offices/departments/positions before anything can be decided and implemented. This is why I think Microsoft suffers at the hands of new web startups where companies are started on-the-cheap, with just 1-3 people. no different departments. no overlapping positions and the owners focusing with one or two target niches. They get the job done fast, earn twice as much and grow at a fast rate -- like Google.

Yahoo! for a time was similar to Google, but as others say, they were polluted by hollywoodish management of Terry Semel. In which they lost their identity as a fun and creative company... nevertheless, I still like their products.

If this merge takes place, what can we expect for our beloved zune? I don't think we'll have a chance to find out. because of the latest news. Yahoo! rejecting $44.6 Billion.

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