Thursday, April 17, 2008

Zune zo lonely?

Anyone of you zune users already tried the wifi song sharing yet? I was recently tinkering with my zune and was reminded that this device can do that..ahaha!

I have never ever, activated my zune in the wild, maybe that's the case why nobody has ever found my zune, named "ZunePH"

So starting now, everytime I go out, I'll turn on the wifi (even if battery life will drain quicker), hoping some lost zune will find me.

"My name is ZUNEPH. I am a zune user living in Manila, Philippines. I am broadcasting on zune wifi frequencies.

I will be beaming my signal, when I'm out, when the sun is highest in the sky (unless it's nighttime). If you are out there...if anyone is out there...please, squirt some tunes my way."

Now if only the zune can beep or notify me if someone's nearby, I don't plan on looking at it all the time when I'm outside...

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