New look (it's about time)

I decided to roll out a new look for Zune Philippines. The old one was more than 2 years old already. Instead of the previous 2-column site, I made it to a 3 column layout so it would be easier to look for information and other cool stuffs within the blog.

The color scheme is now different, the body background color is now white and not dark brown. The "Older Posts" link at the bottom and the calendar icon are some of the added functionality and aesthetics. The comment area also looks neat and orderly.

If you notice the (+) plus sign to the right of the side panels, you can click that to minimize the panels. You can also drag and drop the panels and arrange them your own way..try it! pretty neat huh.. ;)

I'll be adding new sections here in the coming weeks, hope you like the new look :)


Before placing your comments, please remember to stay on topic. Thanks

  1. very nice design, I'm a web developer/designer myself, can I ask what tools you use?

  2. this is a wordpress template that I just modified using photoshop for the header graphic and dreamweaver for some code tinkering

  3. Amazing.....How did you get that idea ? I want to be fast and the first. Thank a lot.......
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  4. It seems good. What will you try next time? Do some thing better than this next time.
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