On UnionBank EON and Paypal

As I have been browsing some local blogs, they have been complaining about the UnionBank EON and Paypal enrollment method. I just got one myself recently and have not encountered any large-scale hassle whatsoever.

I enrolled online and my account was processed quickly and I got the card less than 3 weeks as I can remember. I picked it up at our nearest UnionBank branch (I indicated it as a pickup branch for my card during application). I enrolled it online and was able to create my account but when I tried accessing PayPal, my account was denied. It happened for a few days then I decided to call the bank and ask why, their explanation was that I have yet to submit some sort of application form. I asked them "diba yun ba po yung na-file ko online?" They said it was a different thing, and they have to submit it to their main branch in Cebu. I must've skipped that process so I said fine, and filed up the form and submitted it to them. I waited a day and was able to enroll my EON to Paypal.

Where to find your EXPUSE number?

For those looking for their EXPUSE number, you don't have to call UnionBank, just login to your CyberAccount and go to you Last 10 Transactions. Your EXPUSE number would be the one beside the word PAYPAL. (The one I blackened out sine I'm not sure if posting it would be a good idea. I don't know what expuses can do other than just a verification code by paypal, playing safe.)

Login to your PayPal account and check, there should be a credit from PayPal from the one they took from your credit card for verfication, they credit $1.95 USD to my account, it's not going to cost you more than 90 pesos.

Checking their site now, I think they got fed up from the complaints and decided to overhaul the whole process. Which is also a good thing :)

To our valued guests, We apologize for the inconvenience. The Eon online application form is currently being upgraded to provide you with a more improved Eon CyberAccount Card. Watch out for the new Eon CyberAccount. Coming soon. To apply for an Eon card, kindly visit your nearest UnionBank branch. Thank you.

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