Yugatech reviews Zune8

Problogger Abe Olandres of Yugatech has reviewed the Zune8 in his blog.

He writes:
"Having had several mp3 players (an iPod Video 30GB, a Nano, an iPod Touch and a Red Zune) for sometime now, I find myself using the Zune more often than the others. Let me share with you some things about the Microsoft Zune and why I think it’s a good replacement for the venerable Apple iPod."

From someone who has owned 3 iPod devices, this review is proof that once you use a zune, you'll never bother to use your iPod again... (not really never, just lesser)

Read his complete review here


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  1. hi! do you have any idea or do you know any site where you can see latest applications you can download on your zune? thanks!


  2. by application i'm getting that you mean games.

    you csn check Zunerama's collection of games on the link


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