Thursday, July 24, 2008

Zune goes 3D in upcoming branding package

Nervo, the design and animation studio offshoot for Nando Costa has created six animated films as a branding package for Microsoft's Zune Creative campaign for its portable music and video player. Nervo says that the videos will be used at promotional events and other marketing projects.

The company says that "the brief for this project was quite open, which led us to explore different animation techniques and a more subjective concept. The Zune Creative team granted us a lot of freedom from the start, including creating the music and sound effects.

"Our approach was to connect various abstract associations to music: from relating it with the pleasure of eating candy (Zune Sweets), to the idea of users communicating and sharing music (Zune Hair), to the idea of tranferring music from one place into another, sharing (Zune Boxes) all the way to the idea of change, adaptation and collage of tastes, personalities, preferences / customization (Zune Liquid & Cages).

(source : DigitalArtsOnline)

Check their Flickr for production shots:
Nervo Website: Nervo.TV - Zune

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