Zune on Diggnation

Kevin and Alex from Diggnation talks about the Zune, watch the video :)

UPDATE: It seems that for a long time now, Zune has a sponsorship agreement with Diggnation. just wanted to clear that since the video never indicated that.


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  1. Knowing that Kevin Rose is such an Apple fanboy, I find it weird that he's endorsing Zune. In fact, I feel that there are awkward moments on the video. But still hats off to him for being such a sport on doing this.

  2. Right on Jhoeforth!

    Just read that it actually was a Zune sponsored spot segment (notice the last part, the zune logo)

    I guess he can't help but please Microsoft as MS is one of the major advertisers on Digg. But I bet, he enjoys his zune also.

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